Donna Loeffler earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in the late 1970’s. Donna received training in several mediums of the fine arts, with her primary focus being painting. Her works are abstract, whimsical at times, yet deep and infused with her life’s travels and experiences. Her color palettes tend to change with the decades and move with the current times — donning bold, intense flavor in the 1980‘s, to her current works, which are more subtle in hues, yet edgy with a sense of industrialism. Different textures are often incorporated into the paintings themselves, providing modern yet soft interpretation.

Many of Donna’s current pieces are in oil, as oil, “has a translucence which provides depth of layers allowing a painting’s true beauty to be exposed.” In addition, she also works in watercolors and acrylics.

A textile designer by trade, Donna continues to focus on her first love… painting. Donna resides in Peachtree City, Georgia with her husband Dave and their two whippets, Grace and Piper.

Current pieces are available through this website. Commissioned pieces are available upon special request.

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